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Collaboration for an hour

Posted by X-ManOfficial - June 28th, 2022

Hello everyone! Recently, I had a crazy idea in my head - to make a joint track that will run for about an hour! I don't know if this is a good idea yet. I want to discuss this with you, friends. That's who I'd like to invite:








It sounds crazy. Moreover, I still don't know what kind of song to create so that it goes for an hour and is not stretched. If you like this idea, then please write about it below. Bye! ;)

Changed on July 17, 2022:

Changes to the list of participants:

I decided to remove the X-500 user from the collaboration, as I am not sure of his competence. Looking at the quality of his songs, I doubt he can do anything normal. It is also unknown whether Dem0n1x will participate. Although he may change his mind.

More information about the collaboration:

In general, all participants will do two parts for 5-6 minutes. The genre, BPM and tonality are chosen by the participants themselves. The only thing is not to take hard and aggressive genres, but something more meditative and unobtrusive. All parts will be glued together in order from the slowest and most relaxing to the most dynamic.

The theme of the collaboration is worldview.. The name of the project is «Equilibrium». The BPM area is 103-210. Genres are very diverse. dj-Clubbin will mastering the project.

Release date:

Wait for the final result! The final result will be released around the middle of August. In the meantime, I'll show you the parts that are already completed! By the way, it is not a fact that all parts will be shown on Newgrounds before the release of the track itself.


1st part:


1st part:





1st part:

Good luck! Bye!




That's really GIGACHAD moment.


OMG! On 1 hour??! You crazy boy! I want to try

I'm glad you supported this idea. Only it is not known what this hour-long madness should look like.

@X-ManOfficial oh ok

I’ll see if I can ytpmv a part in

Do you do music?

1-hour length track? Damn, this is insane idea. but i don't mind.

Great! Well, if everyone I mentioned remains satisfied with such a crazy idea, then you can safely start.


Sounds impressive

Bro, I know.

just give the genre, tempo and other characteristics

If that's what you really want, then here's what I'd like to do. I would like to discuss all this with you. I mostly have ambient music or some kind of soundtrack with orchestra elements playing in my head, but in some parts it will be possible to add something of my own. Here everything is at your discretion. BPM can be taken for example 103, but it is possible that it can be changed using automation. There is such a function in FL Studio, I remember. I can't say for sure about the tonality. There is already a choice. It will change repeatedly over time. As for the emotional part, the track will be a plot, that is, it will develop and will not have repetitive melodies. Since it seems to me it will be more interesting. The track can be about 5-10 minutes sad, then somehow joyful for a few minutes and sad again. Then at some point epic or similar and then joyful again. That is, you understand, his mood and emotions will change. It would be better if, say, someone makes one part about 8 minutes long (it's long, I know), then the second person will take it and he will link his part with the previous normal transition, etc. Why, that's all I could come up with.

if you want to discuss the collabs, go to my discord server: https://discord.gg/Ftqn7GUzkS

For some reason I can't log in to the server. Better throw an invitation to me in private messages.

I managed to get in. Yeah!

May be these things here will the different genres and subgenres?


А я полной хернёй а не музыкой занимаюсь

что же, ну поздравляю, больше я ничего сказать не могу. Только вот зачем ты вообще написал этот комментарий?

is this still actual?

This will be relevant for another month and a half.

@X-ManOfficial nice, but what genre it would be? what bpm, and plugins/instruments would be used?

We are currently analyzing all this on the @dj-Clubbin server. And the process itself is also already at the start.

@X-ManOfficial may I join the server?


Я тоже могу присоедениться?

А ты хорошо делаешь музыку? Разбираешься в этом?

@X-ManOfficial не очень хорошо, но я пытаюсь учиться на своих ошибках

Не знаю даже. Я уже набрал людей и с ними обсудил. У же можно сказать начали делать это.

@X-ManOfficial понятно

This is a super interesting idea. I'd like to see where this goes

The work has already begun a long time ago, some participants have already completed their parts. Most likely, the final result will be around the middle of August, and maybe earlier.