Hi! I am an X-Man. I am a melancholic, I like to fantasize, I immerse myself in philosophy. I like to compose music, sometimes I draw. Open for collaborations.

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I got the status of "Supporter"!

Posted by X-ManOfficial - June 25th, 2022

Greetings to everyone who reads this post! I have to tell you some wonderful news! =]

How did it all start?

Tonight I went into notifications and saw that I had the title to call myself "Supporter" for Olin month! It's just incredible! I don't believe myself.

The same notification:


What have I done with my account?

Most likely you have already noticed that I have renamed myself from "CreatorsStudio" to "X-ManOfficial". Now I'll explain why I did it.

I created your account with just such a pseudonym, because I originally planned to do creative work with my friends. I hoped that together we could do a lot. And so I create an account "CreatorsStudio", ask my friends for help and they refuse me. I abandon my account for 1.5 months and already in January 2021 I return and decide to comprehend new peaks on my own. By the way, at the moment only I am engaged in the creation and promotion of this account.

A little later, about 2 months later, I call myself X-Man, but I couldn't change my nickname to a new one, because this requires the status of "Supporter". I set myself an icon and a cap with the image of X-Man, but officially for 1.5 years my account was called differently.

Backup account:

Some time after creating this account, I created another one: XManOfficial. It was planned as my backup account, to which I will transfer all my tracks and conduct activities there. Later I changed my mind. Now it serves only as a backup account, to which I will transfer all my creativity in case something happens to the main account and for a small increase in ratings under my tracks. 8)

What else have I changed besides my nickname?

All other changes are temporary and I will have them only for a month. These include the shape of my avatar, as well as the color of its edges (this is a very cool addition). I love purple and don't like crooked shapes (I'm a perfectionist). That's why I put purple edges that stylishly match the avatar! And the shape will be a square with round corners. I love it! 😊

And most importantly, the "S" icon. It will also only be valid for the duration.

A little other information:

The validity period of the "Supporter" status is from June 25 to July 25, 2022. Once again, I am glad of such an event, it is very unusual for me!


Thank you to everyone who read this post and was happy for me! X-Man was with you! Good luck and health to you and your families! Bye!




Do you want me to tell you about the person who gave you this subscription? This is @Olskoo - a lamp man and generous. After more than 1.5 years, this person became one of the most important people in the NG community.

I met him for the first time when I had just adapted to this site, namely on January 2, 2021. Then my forums were not very good, so I gave up on it all and forgot about @Olskoo.

But on May 11, 2021, an event happened - I got a supporter for the first time. And then I didn't know that @Olskoo gave it to me. But then there was no lamp community, which is already in my Discord server (I don't understand why you're not there?), where we communicated and communicate to this day. In honor of this, I filed the track "Support of Music", which was made in my ancient style when I was inspired by the style of dj-Nate (link: https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/1031225 ).

The second time I ran into him was when our famous Mikhail @X-500 received a supporter around August-October of the same year 2021. And only then did I find out that @Olskoo, by donating his money, gives the site users the opportunity to be a supporter for at least a month. But it's not worth being greedy and begging from him yet - or you will be left without a subscription, and without a good person.

Thank you @Olskoo for having such generous people at Newgrounds!

Interesting information, thank you.